Pizza Acrobat Juan Hermosillo Lands Visa Commercial

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Juan Hermosillo first won his spot on the U.S. Pizza Team in 2004 when he was victorious at PMQ's first New York Pizza Show.

He won first place in the Freestyle Dough Tossing competition in New York with his mix of Italian old style dough tossing that led into lively salsa with dough tossing dances.

Juan says the best part about being on the team is "that you get to represent the United States and it makes you feel proud, that you're not representing your restaurant anymore you are representing your country."

 In 2006 Juan moved to Canada and represented the Canadian Pizza Chain "Pizza Pizza." He professionally spun pizza for the chain and taught others to spin dough. Juan performed at many grand openings and festivals for Pizza Pizza from 2006-March 2009. During this time he won many international awards, including Largest Dough in Naples, Best Pizza Tosser at the America's Plate Competition and Best Pizza Tosser at the Paris Pizza Expo, among many other awards.

"First, I have to think that I am going to win." Juan says. "I have that mentality. If I don't, then I will be just like those other guys. You don't compete just for competing, you compete to win.

Juan has appeared on many television shows and in many newspapers since his victory on November 3, 2004. He has been featured in the L.A. Times, WPIX Morning Show, CBS's The Early Show, Sony Pictures' Life and Style and many other international media. As well as a national Visa debit card commercial.

Where is he now?

Juan is currently awaiting his visa to tour the US. His tour dates will be posted as information becomes available.

If you would like to book Juan for an event or simply find out more info, email Caroline Felker at or 662-801-0878.

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